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RFID Cashless Wristbands

RFID Cashless Wristbands at the High Banks

Quick Overview, What Are They?

RFID Wristband FAQ's

Are my credit card details stored on the wristband?

No! The only information the wristband contains is a unique randomized number – similar to a barcode. The random number is registered with our software which identifies you. Other than that, there is no other information stored on the wristband.

After the event what happens with my charges that I spent?

After the event is over, we will “close out your tab”, meaning all of the soft credit card holds will attempt to be charged as 1 final lump sum. If the lump sum charge fails, the software will revert back to capturing each of the individual the soft holds. If the 1 lump sum charge succeeds, then all soft holds for the individual amounts are cancelled and released. Please allow a few days to see the soft charges disappear from your financial institution. If you have any questions, please email us, but don’t worry if you see a larger amount charged after the event, because it is the software aggregating the charges automatically.

Do they cost any extra to have?

No! You are not charged for the wristband, and you do not incur any extra fees by using it. You pay the same price as if you were using cash or card to pay.

What are the benefits of using it?

You don’t have to get your cash or cards out, it’s contactless meaning there is no exchange of cards or cash, and you can get in and out of lines quicker. The wristbands look cool and are yours to keep (or throw away) after the event.

Where can I use it at?

Beer garden, all concession stands, and the T-shirt shack. Right now they will not work to pay for things outside of the track gates. After this year, we will discuss expanding it out into the NCK free fair.

Will they work to pay for things outside of the race track venue?

Right now they will not work to pay for things outside of the track gates. After this year, we will discuss expanding it out into the NCK free fair, to see if there is interest from the vendors and fair.

Is the wristband also my ticket?

Yes! For the 2022 305 Nationals, the wristbands are also your tickets. If you purchased tickets within 10 days of the event date, you may not have an RFID wristband. If you want one for RFID cashless payments, you can usually still get one from our ticket booth, and register it for cashless payments.

After the race, what do I do with the wristband?

The wristbands must be cut off in order to remove them. The security clasp does not slide down. You may keep your wristband for a souvenir, or throw it away. They are 1 time use wristbands, so there is no need to try and save it for re-use. You can get another one for future events.

I have other questions, how do I ask them?

Just contact us here, and we will get back to you ASAP!