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Directions to the High Banks

Belleville is conveniently located next to highway 81, approximately 12 miles south of the Nebraska border.

Directions From The North

If you are travelling on Highway 81 from the north/Nebraska area, turn left on Old US 81 highway, and take that all the way to 9th street where you will hang a left and find parking anywhere along there. See the photo for the general path.

Directions From The South

If you are traveling on Highway 81 from the south, the easiest way to get to the High Banks track is to turn right on 18th street, take a left onto main street. Take that to 9th street and turn right and find parking anywhere along there. See the photo of the general path.

Where To Park

There is free parking along any of the streets which is usually several blocks from the track. There are also paid parking lots which are closer, and can range anywhere from $1 – $10. Below are just some of the paid parking lots.