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High Banks Contributors

Contributors of the High Banks

The Belleville Highbanks have long been recognized as the crown jewel of dirt track racing in the United States.  The historic track has helped launch the careers of some of the biggest names in racing today, including Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Kyle Larson, and Tony Stewart.

The positive economic impact on the Belleville area is tremendous, and the entertainment value of this event draws people back year after year.  The High Banks would like to thank and recognize a group of local race fans who have stepped forward to help ensure the continued success of this great track.  These 16 individuals have contributed at least $1,000 each to be used as added incentive for more high-quality drivers, owners, and crews to return to the “world’s fastest half-mile dirt track”.  Our contributors are:

Scott Hoard, Courtland, KS
Kevin Jensen, Courtland, KS
Tanner Johnson, Courtland, KS
Jon Russell, Courtland, KS
Jeff Sothers, Courtland, KS
Arien Mickelsen, Superior, NE
Brad Boyer, Belleville
Alan Engle, Belleville
Wade Jensik, Belleville
James Levendofsky, Belleville
Jim McDonald, Belleville
Brent Scott, Belleville
Darrell Wineiger, Belleville
Don McChesney, Munden, KS
Ken Ebert, Salina, KS
Gary McCarty, Belleville
Dennis Erkenbrack, Republic, KS

If you would like to join this group of supporters, simply contact us, or let one of the above supporters know.