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IMPORTANT Information Prior to Big Event!

As we gear up for the main National event, we have some important information to pass along.

1) Please make sure you bring the right tickets!

Saturday’s tickets wont work for Friday’s show, and vice versa. Even if you have the same exact seats both nights, the bar-codes are still different. Please make sure you grab the right ones! Also, if you purchased many seats, verify you didn’t accidentally download and print the same seat twice. Tickets can only be scanned 1 (ONE) time, any duplicated tickets whether on accident or not will fail to scan, and will cause a hold up / non-admittance.

2) Our concessions, beer garden, ticket booth, and T-shirt shack can now all take credit cards

In the past, we have only accepted cash. As you can tell with our new website, the high banks is making huge improvements, and we can now process credit cards everywhere! Yes cash is still accepted.

3) The concessions menu is posted online

Hungry? You can check out the concessions menu online on your phone before even getting in line! or on our website navigation menu under 305 Sprint Nationals > Concession Menu

4) Read our frequently asked questions on our website

We have commonly asked questions such as parking, bringing in outside food/drink, etc on our website.

5) Weather Forecast – Looks good!

The weather forecast looks great, it’ll be a hot one! No rain is expected, but in the event we would get rained out, we have alternate plans. In the unlikely event that happens, we would be posting more on our website and FB page.

6) For any other important updates and notices, always check our website and FB page

We will be constantly updating our website with important notices at the top, and in the “notices” section of our website. Be sure to also like and check our FB page as well. If you still can’t find an answer, drop us an email. If we have important information we need to get out quickly, we will also use mass email like this email, as a means of communication.


Even on the day of the event…..if you have questions, feel free to send us an email! We will be around and constantly monitoring everything. So we’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP.

Thank you to all the fans, volunteers, and drivers who make our big event possible. The Belleville 305 Nationals are growing at the fastest pace that we have seen in years, and we couldn’t be more excited for the future of our track and the sport.