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2020 305 National Pre-Sale Information!

Get Ready For the 2020, 3rd Annual Belleville 305 Nationals!

Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1st, 2020

Why are we putting tickets on sale already?  Last year with the introduction of our new website, we said tickets would be on sale before Christmas. (Tickets are a great gift for the holidays) Unfortunately, we didn’t make that happen, and tickets didn’t go on sale until February. From now on, our goal is to make tickets available for the holidays.


Instructions for the Pre-Sale

  • You are receiving this email because you have previously purchased tickets on our website, or you subscribed to receive updates from us.

  • Since you have purchased tickets from us, you are entitled to the same seats only during this pre-sale window (November 1st – December 1st).

  • If you don’t want the same seats, or you want to try for better seats, simply do nothing, and you can select your own seats on/after December 1st.

  • If you want your same seats, reply to this email saying you want them, or contact us using the button below. You can have the same number or less, but you cannot have more during the pre-sale. 

  • You will receive an online invoice to pay through our website, and after it is paid, you will receive your download link for your tickets.

  • Print them off at home on a standard sheet of paper like last year, and you won’t have to wait in line! If you lose your order download URL, simply contact us and we will re-send it.

  • After you contact us, we will respond ASAP. If you do not hear from us after a few days, please contact us again to ensure we received your request and are holding your seats!



Contact Us To Reserve Your Same Seats!


Below is an example invoice you will receive


The 2020 Belleville 305 National’s fall earlier on the calendar, and we are running the week before the Knoxville National’s, so it’s sure to be a race you won’t want to miss!