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Author: Belleville High Banks

2019 305 National tickets plan to go on sale soon!

The Belleville High Banks has recently undergone a major (and long overdue) website re-design. We hope to have tickets on sale soon. We are waiting to finalize our season ticket holders so we can reserve their seats before making the ticket sales public.


We hope to have these ready soon! If you have any questions about tickets or our new website, please email [email protected].

2018 Inaugural 305 Sprint Nationals

The 2018 Inaugural Sprint 305 Nationals held at the Belleville High Banks was definitely one for the records. The stands were packed, and we had 2 nights of successful and thrilling races. The future looks brighter than ever for the High Banks, as we continue to improve the track and our fan’s experience. The only question now, is who will be racing next year?! The talk is hot for the upcoming years of our 305 Nationals, and the fan excitement hasn’t been like this is years. Stay tuned, and we hope that you will join us for an upcoming race.